Flashing Back to the 90's with The Doux

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The Doux (pronounced doo), reminds me of summer time youth of the 1990's.  Bright colors, one shoulder off jumpers, Karl Kani, Cross Colours' fashion choices.  The Doux reminds me of the ice cream truck and the lady in the park with the flavored syrup to pour over scraped ice in a cup. Ladies and gents, The Doux was and is a reminder of a time when nothing mattered but which park you'd meet your friends, to play double dutch, cop and permit free bbq's in the local park, freeze tag and hopscotch.  Swings that now make me dizzy, and climbing and jumping over fences to play in the pool after dark.  The Doux reminds me of fun.

Good times...

So as I flashback, to sometime during this year, I received a package of products from The Doux to try out in exchange for my honest opinion.  I took said products and visited my favorite stylist, Wesley Styles NYC, for some curl love and to see what she could doux (lol) with the products on my hair.  After reading, reviewing and looking up scientific ingredients, she opted to try the products out on my hair.  Again I mention, it was a fun time.  We even went live on our Instagram pages - which by the way is not as easy as those that do it often make it look - hence neither one of us saved the videos.  Yes, two humans taking video, live on Instagram and not one of the videos saved.  Technology glitch or just two adults that didn't know what in the bleepity bleep they were doing...good times.  Thank goodness we weren't being paid for it.

Moving along...

The Review of The Doux

Does Sucka Free clean the scalp well?

It actually does.  Tamika washed my hair twice and you know when your hair just feels clean.  My hair didn't need the second washing, it just looked good in the video - yea the one neither one of us have.  Maybe next time, we'll just straight video, no live feature.  Anyway, the shampoo did not leave my hair dry to the touch and it smelled nice.

At home, I tried the shampoo on my daughter's hair.  I'll go into her scalp issues in another post, but initially it did clean her "dandruff" scalp and again her hair was not dry feeling, it still had moisture.  It felt good. And we both enjoyed the sweet aroma of the shampoo. "They" say we don't have to wash our hair, and this is true, we should wash our scalp.  That being said, a little does go a long way with this non-natural product line.  You do not need to apply half the squeeze bottle - absolutely love by the way, to get the desired result - a clean scalp.

Picture that was uploaded to Instagram Stories...it actually saved.

Picture that was uploaded to Instagram Stories...it actually saved.

Does Fresh Rinse de-tangle and condition?

*Disclaimer: I have short hair.  At the time of review and since then, I've had a very low to short tapered cut. De-tangling is not an issue for me.*

With that being mentioned and out of the way...applying the conditioner to my hair was simple and to the point. The amount used allowed for her fingers to work through the little hair I did have.

As for my daughter, I sectioned off parts of her hair and applied the conditioner.  When I revisited the conditioned section, the curls were poppin' and my fingers moved through her strands without her usual scream session. I'd say, it was a good day.

Bonita Afro Balm vs. Mousse Def

Before using this brand, I used a mousse in my hair about zero times. A stylist used a mousse in my hair about zero times. This was different, it was new.  We used the mousse for a twist out, it was nice.  It didn't dry and leave my hair all crunchy or with white residue all over the place with one touch.  It is a good product, when used by a professional.  At home, I tried the same method that Tamika used and it must be in the hands because I had the opposite effect of the description above. Horrible.  Use the amount recommended by a trained professional - that's all I got.

As for my daughter, I used the Bonita Afro balm for her weekly cornrow style.  Again, it went on her looser textured curls nicely.  Not just sitting there but actually melting into her strands.  It's like her hair sang the song as they joined together, 'Hey Bonita, glad to meet cha'!  A very thick but effective product, I also used for my own hair and it was better than the mousse.  It could be that I'm used to similar product types or didn't use as much when styling our hair.

On Instagram, there are many beautiful pictures of hairstyles after using The Doux product line. I saw this beautiful twist-out on a tapered haircut.

Does The Light leave shine?

I’m heavyweight, though I’m lightweight
— MC Lyte - I Am The Lyte

The Light Weightless Shine Mist, is exactly what the names says it is, light. It smells like summertime fruits and gives the hair that finishing touch.

Overall, I enjoy the look, smell and results from using The Doux.  Not only does it clean and condition, The Doux provides two different types of styling products to give you desired results of a twist, or braid out, wash n go or to create whatever other hairstyle that suits you.  If you want to know more about The Doux, visit their website, follow on Instagram, or watch tutorials on YouTube.

Have you tried The Doux yet?  Did you know it's available in Target?






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