5 Book Subscriptions for Tweens

Who doesn’t enjoy receiving a monthly or even a bi-monthly subscription box arriving to your door right on time? Whether it’s food, perfume, clothes, products, or books, receiving a “gift” every month is awesome.

If I feel this way, imagine how my daughter would feel receiving a box and not knowing what’s in it. Excitement fills her face when she opens the mailbox to get her monthly highlights magazine. I couldn’t wait for her to expand her reading to a book subscription box, but didn’t know which one to pick.

Here are a few subscription boxes that I looked into that have books for the age groups 9 - 12.

Amazon Book Subscriptions -

Let’s start with saying, if you have a Prime membership, a book subscription falls under the 2-day free shipping. The cost of two hard cover books will cost you $19.99. You are able to schedule shipping of the boxes to come every month, every other month or in every three months, you’re also able to modify or cancel your membership at anytime. I can’t wait to…I meant to say, I can’t wait for her to receive her first book subscription.

Learning Crates -

Based on your child’s grade level and a provided survey, your child’s crate is put together by researchers, educational administrators and teachers who are familiar with the learning level of children in the age group. Cost - $24.99 a month for boxes which include “books, games, toys, and assorted activities - all of great educational value.” The box subscription caters to students from Kindergarten to 6th Grade.

Owl Post Books -

Imagination and Book of the Month subscription boxes created for babies up to age 12.

For Imagination boxes, your child will receive 3 books, a toy, interactive box and a card. Cost - Book of the Month boxes ships one book in a colorful box. Cost - $14.99 a month up to $179.88 for a yearly subscription.

Take 10% off your first order using the promo code IMAGINATION.

Infinite Realms -

Five different types of boxes, Deluxe, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Young Readers, and Quick Reads, to receive with this book subscription box. Independent authors create books in the genre of fantasy, sci-fi and horror. In addition, each box has other fun items themed to the box. The monthly cost for the box - $20.00. They are so popular, they currently are sold out!

Unicorn Crate -

A monthly subscription for Young Adults to receive one hardcover book and a few themed items including a unicorn focused item. The Unicorn Crate is truly magical. In the upcoming box alone, there is a chance to receive a sealed envelope to possibly win future free boxes. With extra items such as candles, bookmarks, prints, pins, totes, teas, and accessories, I may want to get a box for myself. The monthly cost for a sprinkle of unicorn magic is $36.95. Look at their past boxes to get inspired for something to get a young reader for the holidays.

We are a reading family. With the upgrades of reading apps on phones and tablets, there’s nothing like turning the actual page of a book. I look forward to trying each of these subscriptions, reading new books with my daughter and maybe even use a physical bookmark.

Do you have a book subscription that you would recommend for tweens?


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