Favorite Holiday Clips from SNL

Memories back to pre-teen years when my mom and I would sit on her bed eating Turkey Hill French Vanilla ice cream and bacon (don’t judge till you try the sweet and salt combo). We would play a few rounds of a rummy 500 card game till Saturday Night Live, (SNL) would come on followed by the Apollo. I’d give anything to go back to those days when life was simple and fun.

Sketch comedy shows like In Living Color, Mad TV and SNL were must watch tv shows in the 90’s and early 2000’s. The only show to still maintain it’s time slot on Saturday nights is SNL. The other night, because of the holiday season, the networks were playing a lot of repeats, SNL was no exception. We caught a show of great holiday skits from the SNL lineup from years when my mom and I would watch to more recent episodes. Here are a few of my favorite holiday clips from SNL.


Back Home Ballers on SNL

Adam Sandler Sings The Hanukkah Song on SNL

Santa’s My Boyfriend on SNL

D*** in a Box on SNL

Office Christmas Party on SNL

(Do It On My) Twin Bed on SNL

Jingle Barack on SNL

TV Funhouse: Christmastime For The Jews on SNL


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