I'm a Brand Ambassador for Saige and Ivy

Omg you guys!! I, along with a few others, have been selected as a brand ambassador for Saige and Ivy, “Natural underarm system that improves the health, appearance & texture of armpits while relieving shame and odor”.

This post contains an affiliate link, which means when you buy something using my code, it won’t cost you anything extra and some of these links may contain a discount or two (yay!) plus your clicks allows me to grow the blog. So thanks and let’s get to improving the health, appearance and texture of those armpits using this humankind deodorant.

I almost did not become an ambassador for Saige and Ivy. After seeing the Instagram post looking for representatives for the brand, I told myself that I clearly did not have the criteria that they were looking for. As a returning blogger, my social stats were not what the brand owner desired, but with the encouragement from my friends, I applied anyway.

And here we are. I truly am excited.

In the next few weeks, I will be sharing more details about the brand, Saige and Ivy and my experience with using their products. Although I am a naturally textured hair woman, I never claimed to using only natural products. Transitioning to natural deodorant can be nerve wrecking but, let me tell you, I transitioned to Saige and Ivy in the summer months last year and have been rocking with them ever since.

Are you familiar with Saige and Ivy? If not, what would you like to know?


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